Routine RT-PCR Testing for TGH Employees

Posted on April 14, 2021

As a healthcare facility, it is our duty to protect ourselves and the patients we care for against COVID-19.

Talon General Hospital stays true to its infection control program which includes routine testing. Last April 7, the entire hospital staff had their 5th RT-PCR Test as an active strategy for preventing possible transmission of the virus.

Aside from the regular testing and disinfection, the hospital also still requires the minimum health standards.


RESBAKUNA: COVID-19 Vaccination in TGH

Posted on April 12, 2021April 12, 2021

New hope glimmer among the Talon General Hospital employees as they receive their first doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine last March 2021.

With God’s grace, TGH is among the hospitals in Tarlac City that received vaccines from the international COVAX Facility. The rollout of vaccine is a huge step in beating the pandemic and is much-awaited by the medical frontliners. The TGH Vaccination Team, which is led by the hospital’s chief nurse Ms. Elynor Maquidang, with advisers Dr. Raymond Talon, Dr. Kevin Talon, and Hospital Administrator Mr. Enrico Talon, has worked hard side-by-side with the Regional and Provincial DOH,  and Tarlac City Government for its success.

Orientation & Myth Busters

The TGH Vaccination Team kicked off the drive through an orientation by the hospital’s Infection Control Officer, Mr. Julius Montojo which was conducted before the vaccination day itself. He was able to reiterate the DOH guidelines and explain the vaccination process to the Hospital staff. The orientation also paved way in correcting myths and misinformation. Mr. Montojo’s discussion included the development of vaccines, research findings, and what to expect after receiving the first dose. The staff members were given opportunity to ask questions and advice which helped ease their minds before deciding to be inoculated.

Setting an Example and Doing our Part

To set an example and give encouragement to the rest of the TGH employees, the management, doctors, and department heads volunteered to receive the vaccines first. The hospital is grateful that the rest of its employees took the initiative to get vaccinated themselves soon after the first batch.

Get Protection

While waiting for the vaccine rollout for the general public, TGH encourages everyone to learn more about the vaccines - how it can protect you, your loved ones, and the community. Ask advice from medical professionals and read from credible sources like the DOH and WHO official websites. The public is strongly urged to get vaccinated for our community to be finally be free from the horrors brought by COVID-19.



Infection Control Officer: JULIUS MONTOJO, RN



  • Dr. Raymond Talon
  • Dr. Kevin Talon
  • Dr. Nowel Anastacio
  • Dr. Chere Lyn Lacson

Nurses & Assist

  • Rose Fernandez, RN
  • Gino Baun, RN
  • Oscar Ramones, RN
  • Katherine Bato, RN
  • Ma. Teresa Rodriguez


  • Rhea Pascual, RN
  • Theresa Cruz, RN

Encoders & Assist

  • Ronie Rodriguez
  • Irene Montojo
  • Michelle De Jesus
  • Chloe Tamayo
  • Marc Anthony Jauco
  • Michelle Go


  • Irene Zabala, RPh
  • Catherine Marquez, RPh
  • Manisha Luis, RPh


  • Joanna Rae Talon


JMTalon Diagnostics, Inc

TGH Motorcycle Riding Group

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“You are one ride away from a good mood.”

COVID-19 has put a huge physical and emotional toll on all of us. As a way of releasing tension and clearing the mind, Mr. Enrico Talon has called the TGH Motorcycle Riding Group for road adventures since the ECQ at Tarlac province was lifted.

With this, they are inviting Talon General Hospital’s employees who are motorcycle riders to join their group! This is a breath of fresh air and adrenaline rush that they want to share with the staff. Aside from the benefits for mental health, it is also a good physical exercise to strengthen one’s core and stability.  All in all, it is a good experience

Visit the Hospital Administrator’s Office for more information.

To our riders, mask up and secure your helmets. Enjoy and ride safely!


Posted on March 10, 2021April 8, 2021  Leave a comment on REGULAR COVID-19 PCR TESTING FOR TGH STAFF & DOCTORS

Talon General Hospital has long been dedicated in taking care of the sick in our community. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital’s commitment of giving you the best, safest care is one of its top priorities.

TGH infection control measures are consistently practiced to ensure that the hospital remains a safe place for patients to receive care, one of which is the regular SARS-CoV-2 virus detection (RT-PCR) testing for the whole staff.

In partnership with Philippine Red Cross, the entire TGH medical and support staff underwent RT-PCR testing for the fourth time last March 4, 2021.  TGH is fortunate and grateful to have commendable staff members who courageously and continuously serve as part of the healthcare system despite the risks.

Aside from the regular testing and disinfection, the hospital also still requires the minimum health standards of wearing a face mask and full-face shield, and keeping a 6-foot distance from others at all times. In addition, the following are also implemented:

  • Temperature Check
  • Screening and interview on patients
  • QR Code Health Declaration Form for the staff
  • One guardian per patient
  • No Visitor Policy
  • Screening and Testing: All patients for admissions will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms as well and shall undergo COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Testing and Chest X-Ray

It has been a year of battle against COVID-19 and TGH understands the challenges everyone has been facing. The hospital appreciates your cooperation and just as before, it continues to pray for healing.

TGH Celebrates Its 114th Founder’s Day and Strives To Spark Joy For Its Employees Amidst The Trying Year

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TGH Celebrates Its 114th Founder’s Day and Strives To Spark Joy For Its Employees Amidst The Trying Year

November 24, 2020 | Tatang Johnny, Apung Juan, Dr. Talon, are some of the names Dr. Juan M. Talon was fondly called. He was born on November 24, 1906, hence, the Founder’s Day celebration of Talon general hospital on 24th November each year. The event honors his passion in building the TGH, and commitment in making it one of the best healthcare facilities in Tarlac.

Undoubtedly, Founder’s Day is the most important in the hospital’s annual calendar of events. As TGH looks back on how Dr. Juan molded it, the current management, spearheaded by Hospital Administrator Mr. Enrico Talon and Medical Director Dr. Raymond Talon, gives special recognition and appreciation to its employees and doctors.

This year,  the TGH Executives focused the celebration on how the hospital stood strong during a pandemic. On top of the food and monetary bonuses for the staff, Mr. Enrico Talon gave an encouraging speech that highlighted the improvements made by the hospital. He talked about the strengthening of interpersonal relationships, interdepartmental communications, and establishing the Infection Control Committee which focused on Covid-19 response, among others. He also noted that everyone did a great job this year, and that the hospital’s overall performance has shown noticeable improvement.

After the speech, Mr. Enrico Talon, Dr. Raymond Talon, and Dr. Kevin Talon handed out plaques and certificates to special awardees. The hospital showed gratitude to the long-time resident physician, Dr. Leo Barba for 34 years of continuing partnership with the hospital through a plaque of appreciation. Dr. Ritchi Pablo – Enrile was given the award House Physician of the Year for garnering the highest rating in a performance appraisal. While Dr. Carolyn Salvador and Dr. Truda Chua were given a plaque of appreciation each for their initiative in establishing a workable and mutually beneficial partnership with TGH.

Moreover, a surprise award with certificate was also given to each three hospital employees who showed exemplary work behavior and outstanding performance, they were Mr. Edward Perez, Mr. Conrado Diaz, Jr. and Mr. Reynaldo Terrible. Certificates were also given to loyal employees who have stayed with the hospital for five, 10, 15, 20 years and up.

Incidentally, Mr. Enrico Talon’s birthday also falls on November 24. The staff didn’t miss the chance of greeting him and celebrating his life through gifts, cakes, and a message delivered by his grandniece, Ms. Joanna Talon. A special audio-visual presentation with his pictures and greetings from his staff also played for him and everyone to enjoy.

Although short and simple, the event adjourned with smiles from everyone’s faces.