The history of TGH is a celebration of life. Almost a century ago TGH took seed in the mind of a little boy who upon seeing his father cured, vowed to attain that magic of healing.

Twenty five years later Dr. Juan M. Talon attained that dream. So began the celebration of life for him.

From the doctor who diagnoses the ailment, to the pharmacist who dispenses the medicince, to the nurse who doses out the drugs, to the allied server and aide who care for the sick, the healing and restoring of health go on 24 hrs. at TGH.

Now, 51 years since attaining the dream Dr. Talon had, we again celebrate that culmination. A celebration void of the revelry attached with the word "celebration" but a simple yet very meaningful commemoration of this wonderful day. The day's highlight is the free clinic that has been offered for years now. The dream is extended to the indigents, people who have no material means of availing the ever growing cost of health care.

The anniversary we celebrate is not just a celebration per se but a celebration of life. *


Isang Hakbang Medical Foundation will again hold it's yearly "Free Clinic" on August 15, 1999, which is also the 51'st anniversary of Talon General Hospital. On this occasion the IHMF will service the less fortunate people of Tarlac as it has always been doing. This foundation caters to the people of the city of Tarlac, and to the neighboring municipalities.

IHMF will have free medical, dental and eye clinics. Aside from the clinics, free blood typing,

ECG, blood sugar, cholesterol examination screening test and initial dose of medicines are available for the indigent patients.

Yearly IHMF owes the success of its Free Clinic to the altruistic TGH Medical and dental staff, to the volunteer nurses, to the companies who donate the medicines, and to generous individuals who donate cash or service.

The Soroptimist of Tarlac yearly donates services and resources to IHMF. We acknowledge their generosity and goodwill. *


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