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August, 2008 Vol. I, Series III

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Isang Hakbang Medical Foundation Announces New Board

By: Dr. Patrocinio J. Talon M.D.

The Isang Hakbang Medical Foundation (IHMF) announced the selection of a new board in a meeting held last March 27, 2008. The board is made up of the following:

  • Patrocinio J. Talon, M.D. President
  • Nimia P Ocampo - Vice- President
  • Lyn Carlos Secretary
  • Sabrie Villanueva Treasurer
  • Teresita Liwanag

Every August, the foundation, in cooperation with Talon General Hospital and Soroptimist International of Tarlac holds a free clinic where up to 600 patients are seen and provided free consultations. These patients are also provided free medicines and snacks. The cost of providing laboratory tests, x- rays, ultrasound examinations and ECG are charged at a discount. The Aetas are the regular beneficiaries of the foundation. Indigent patients are given assistance year-round based on the recommendations by authorized persons.

October is the breast cancer awareness month in the Philippines. The foundation helps drum up awareness by holding parade and carrying placards encouraging women to have regular ultrasound and mammogram ( x- ray of the breasts ) examinations. Streamers are also posted on strategic places throughout the city of Tarlac.

During Christmas time, the foundation hosts a yearly Christmas party for the breast cancer survivors Aside from the merry making (singing, dancing and playing games) the patients can attend lectures dealing on both the medical and spiritual aspect of being a survivor.

IHMF is a Philippine registered non-profit organization that depends on the donations of charitable people for its continued operation. Another source of income is the bingo social that is held every year. The foundation holds office at TALON GENERAL HOSPITAL at F. Tanedo St. Tarlac City, Philippines 2300.

Why Seniors Need More Natural Light

(ARA) - As we age, the lenses of our eyes thicken and our pupils shrink. This causes eyes to adapt more slowly to changing light conditions and increases the need for light. According to the Center of Design For An Aging Society in Portland, Ore., older people need three to five times more light than younger people for vision and to maintain health.

Many seniors don't get outside enough, another reason to bring more natural light in. Studies show that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), evidenced by emotional depression, a drop in physical energy, increased appetite, and need for more sleep, is directly linked to a lack of sufficient daylight.

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