TGH Celebrates Its 114th Founder’s Day and Strives To Spark Joy For Its Employees Amidst The Trying Year

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TGH Celebrates Its 114th Founder’s Day and Strives To Spark Joy For Its Employees Amidst The Trying Year

November 24, 2020 | Tatang Johnny, Apung Juan, Dr. Talon, are some of the names Dr. Juan M. Talon was fondly called. He was born on November 24, 1906, hence, the Founder’s Day celebration of Talon general hospital on 24th November each year. The event honors his passion in building the TGH, and commitment in making it one of the best healthcare facilities in Tarlac.

Undoubtedly, Founder’s Day is the most important in the hospital’s annual calendar of events. As TGH looks back on how Dr. Juan molded it, the current management, spearheaded by Hospital Administrator Mr. Enrico Talon and Medical Director Dr. Raymond Talon, gives special recognition and appreciation to its employees and doctors.

This year,  the TGH Executives focused the celebration on how the hospital stood strong during a pandemic. On top of the food and monetary bonuses for the staff, Mr. Enrico Talon gave an encouraging speech that highlighted the improvements made by the hospital. He talked about the strengthening of interpersonal relationships, interdepartmental communications, and establishing the Infection Control Committee which focused on Covid-19 response, among others. He also noted that everyone did a great job this year, and that the hospital’s overall performance has shown noticeable improvement.

After the speech, Mr. Enrico Talon, Dr. Raymond Talon, and Dr. Kevin Talon handed out plaques and certificates to special awardees. The hospital showed gratitude to the long-time resident physician, Dr. Leo Barba for 34 years of continuing partnership with the hospital through a plaque of appreciation. Dr. Ritchi Pablo – Enrile was given the award House Physician of the Year for garnering the highest rating in a performance appraisal. While Dr. Carolyn Salvador and Dr. Truda Chua were given a plaque of appreciation each for their initiative in establishing a workable and mutually beneficial partnership with TGH.

Moreover, a surprise award with certificate was also given to each three hospital employees who showed exemplary work behavior and outstanding performance, they were Mr. Edward Perez, Mr. Conrado Diaz, Jr. and Mr. Reynaldo Terrible. Certificates were also given to loyal employees who have stayed with the hospital for five, 10, 15, 20 years and up.

Incidentally, Mr. Enrico Talon’s birthday also falls on November 24. The staff didn’t miss the chance of greeting him and celebrating his life through gifts, cakes, and a message delivered by his grandniece, Ms. Joanna Talon. A special audio-visual presentation with his pictures and greetings from his staff also played for him and everyone to enjoy.

Although short and simple, the event adjourned with smiles from everyone’s faces.