O glorious St. Sebastian,
Intercede for Us.

Grant Us peace
and Protect our Family

Familia Talon
Hermandad y Comite' de Festejos 2011
Catedral de San Sebastian
Tarlac City


The Talon Family is grateful to very Reverend Florentino F. Cinense, Bishop of Tarlac, who through Rev. Father Melvin Castro, Senior Vicar, designated us to be the Hermandad for the San Sebastian Cathedral Parish Fiesta 2011.

It was an enlightening and heart warming experience for us all, witnessing the devout religious activities and the enthusiastic response of the people and the clergy of Tarlac.

We are presenting this report of the activities the Hermandad did in support of the religious celebration of the fiesta 2011.

We cannot account for the help of each and everyone but we would like to acknowledge all those who spent their time, efforts and resources in soliciting for the funds needed and for making sure that the religious activities were well attended.

We also appreciate the help of the Parish Pastoral Council specially of the Worship ministry, the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors and Commentators, the Altar Servers, the Collectors and the different Choir groups.

We are specially grateful for the following individuals who have worked beyond the usual..

  1. Mrs. Juliet Abalos
  2. Miss Modesta Bagaoisan
  3. Miss Demetria Borja
  4. Mrs. Rosie Espiritu
  5. Mrs. Emy Enriquez de Guzman
  6. Mr. Armin Ibarra
  7. Mrs. Gaudelia Ilagan
  8. Mrs. Maria Ferrer
  9. Miss Romina P. Gapay
  10. Mrs. Nelia Lumba
  11. Mrs. Leticia B. Mendoza
  12. Mrs. Nimia F. Ocampo
  13. Dra. Grace Reyes
  14. Mrs. Fe Sumera
  15. Mrs. Amelia Supangan
  16. Mrs. Edna Tan

We specially thank, Mrs. Nimia F. Ocampo for her invaluable support and assistance in this worthy undertaking.

Our sincerest thanks to everybody!!!

God bless you all!!!

Hermandad y Comite de Festejos 2011

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