O glorious St. Sebastian,
Intercede for Us.

Grant Us peace
and Protect our Family

Familia Talon
Hermandad y Comite' de Festejos 2011
Catedral de San Sebastian
Tarlac City

Summary of Events

After the Tarlac City Fiesta of 2010, the Talon family was designated as the next Hermandad for the 2011 fiesta. The Fiesta of Tarlac is celebrated on Jan. 20 every year on the feast day of our patron saint, St. Sebastian. This year, it fell on a Thursday. The religious fiesta celebration is usually ushered in with 9 days of Novena masses culminating with masses and merriment on the fiesta day itself.

This year the first day of the novena masses was made more meaningful with the presence of the relic of St. John Bosco in the cathedral where the mass was with Most Reverend Florentino F. Cinense, the Bishop of Tarlac and the Salesian priests.

With the succeeding novena masses, no less than 5 priests celebrated the High mass every night with different choir groups singing. San Sebastian was honored on his feast day with masses throughout the day with the main mass at 9 am. with the Bishop of Tarlac presiding and 38 priests concelebrating, capped with a procession in the afternoon. The celebration of the feast day was not limited to spiritual devotions. After every novena mass, the priests were treated with a sit down dinner in the convent. And the feast day itself was marked with partaking of food, the other side of the fiesta.

Breakfast for at least 100 persons was served in the bishop’s place. This was followed with lunch for 500 persons in the same venue. Dinner for the bishop and for about 50 guests was served in the evening at the bishop’s residence.

To give our priests their own fiesta celebration, dinner for about 100 persons was served in the seminary on the eve of Jan. 17. An innovation, the Pagtatapos ceremony was introduced in this year’s fiesta. This was to formally end the term of the 2011 Hermandad and transfer the honor to the next Hermano Mayor. There was a procession in the afternoon of Jan. 21 around the city plazuela with the image of San Sebastian borne on the shoulders of young men who danced with the lively music of the Camp Aquino Band. An added attraction was an ati atihan group composed of children that gave a native touch to the affair. The mood here was more of merriment unlike the fiesta procession which was more of a solemn affair. The Hermandad, and Fr. Melvin Castro joined in the procession . The members of the Collectors Ministry came in force with their colorful saya and merry movements. The turnover rite was done during the mass presided by the Bishop of Tarlac. Another dinner for 300 persons followed in the bishop’s place..

The fiesta celebration came and was over in no time at all. Generous people shared more than 616 thousand pesos in the 11 day celebration. We had about 467 thousand expenses, the bulk of which was for food and the priests stipend. We had about 150 thousand pesos left after paying off all the expenses.

As is the practice, the Hermandad decides on what to do with the remaining money. Evangelization was the Hermandad’s focus for this year’s 2011 Fiesta celebration. To this end, 25 thousand pesos was donated to Radio Maria Philippines for its role in propagating our Catholic Faith in the air ways, bringing Christ into our homes.

An equal amount was given to Our Lady of Peace College Seminary here in Tarlac for its role in preparing young men for the priesthood. And lastly, the remaining amount was given to Patronato de San Sebastian de Tarlac corporation for its role in preparing catechists to serve in the diocese of Tarlac.

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